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Seven - Utility Management Consultants, LLC is the only Utility Consulting firm that is a member of the Better Business Bureau. We specialize in energy procurement! Seven - Utility Management Consultants, LLC is a professional energy consultant firm founded at the inception of Energy Deregulation in Texas by a group of Energy brokers and experienced professionals. Our mission is simple... to assist companies in reducing their Electricity and Natural Gas Expenses. Our staff of energy brokers have the knowledge of the current marketplace to properly analyze and negotiate your Energy contract and rates. With electricity deregulation and natural gas deregulation (energy deregulation), you now have the power to choose your energy suppliers. Our energy procurement process is simple, swift and effective, requiring VERY LITTLE of our client's time... This is our finest attribute. There are about 50 Electricity Suppliers, 100 Natural Gas Suppliers, and 100's of Telecommunications Suppliers. Which Supplier do you choose? Regardless of which Electric Company, Natural Gas Company or Telecommunications Company you choose, our fee is paid by the Supplier. Many large to mid size companies with national presence have received the benefit of our energy consultant firm expertise in cost reduction. When you outsource your Utility Negotiations to our energy brokers we ensure that your pricing is at or below current market conditions! We will:
  • Properly review this expense by analyzing your past 14–month usage patterns. Your staff may not have the time or expertise to analyze themselves. Our energy consultants will correct billing errors and process refunds with an Energy Audit.

  • We will then professionally negotiate proposals from the most qualified Electricity Companies and Natural Gas Companies and present to you, along with our written recommendation in an Executive Summary format. With our recommendation, you decide which Utility Supplier to use. (From the list of electric power companies and natural gas companies who bid on your business)

  • Our energy consultants will manage your expense throughout the contract term, renegotiating with the Supplier if applicable, and handle all future Utility Negotiations.


You keep your eye on your business... we'll keep our eye on your Utilities with our proven process of energy procurement! To set an appointment with a highly qualified Energy Consultant, please call 281-213-9901. If you want to start saving right away, print out the attached form. Fax it back to us at 281-970-6679 and we will get your energy procurement proposals ready and call you to set up an appointment!

Kentucky Natural Gas Deregulation

Seven - Utility Management Consultants, Ltd is ready to assist your company in negotiating the best natural gas contract possible in Kentucky. Please call one of our Energy Consultants at 866-85-SEVEN or complete our online form.

Seven's staff of energy consultants are here to help you get the most benefit of Kentucky natural gas deregulation

  • It is our desire to be the #1 natural gas consultant, natural gas broker, energy broker or aggregator in the state of Texas and the country. If not in terms of volume, then in terms of professionalism, integrity and best business practices. We are well on our way!
  • Many of our clients have attempted to negotiate natural gas contracts themselves with the list of natural gas power companies. After spending weeks trying to compare confusing offers and listening to the biased sales pitch of individual natural gas companies, they have decided to outsource utility negotiations to us. These are our best references.
  • The greatest challenge in this business is choosing the right Supplier. There are many natural gas companies, choosing the right one for your business is a daunting and time consuming task.
  • Our Managing Director has 10+ years of top level Procurement Experience. His main job is to evaluate the Suppliers and determine who the top 10 Suppliers in the industry are. We have them competitively bid on your business.
  • We have made a significant investment in developing and training a highly skilled staff specializing in Kentucky natural gas deregulation. We have a strong, educated Energy Consultant team that will service Clients in Houston and across the country.
  • We operate our business with strong Judeo Christian principles. Our goal is to put energy procurement deals together that benefit all parties involved. We are family oriented and believe that balance in one’s life is paramount.
  • We are headquartered in Houston, Texas, the Energy capital of the world. The majority of electricity companies and natural gas companies are located here.
  • We strive to constantly improve our employee's lifestyles. I believe in the long-term professional development of each of our Energy Consultants.
  • As of January, 2006 we have 298,000,000 kWh under our management. We service all sizes of business clients, and take great pride in giving the same level of service to all sizes of clients, from the Fortune 500 client to the "mom and pop" dry cleaner.
  • We are in the business of energy procurement for the long-term. Our core values are Integrity and Professionalism. These are things that we have seen a shortage of in our field.
  • We are the only energy procurement firm (that I know) that is a member of the Better Business Bureau. We were able to achieve this partly because we are a limited partnership, wholly owned by J. Andrew Associates, Inc., with common management.
  • We have each of the REP's (Retail Electric Providers) that we represent sign a simple Statement of Honesty and Integrity. This is paramount to our business, a large selling point to our clients, and core to our business practices.
  • Qualifications of our Managing Director include, Certified Business Energy Professional (BEP), Certified Energy Procurement Professional (CEP), by the Association of American Engineers and Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) by the Institute for Supply Management, Degrees (with honors) in Economics and Finance and 9 years of Outsourced Procurement experience.
  • 80% of our clients sign an Exclusivity Agreement that states that we are to completely handle all negotiations and correspondence for and behalf of our client. This is a testimony to our professionalism and energy procurement expertise.
  • Our pricing desk is streamlined. This enables a quick Request for Quotation process, timely negotiations, preparation of Bid Comparison and Savings analysis.
  • Our desire is to completely manage your Energy Procurement, with as little effort from our Client is possible. At the same time, our energy consultants bring significant business to our Suppliers with the least amount of effort on their part. We make a concerted effort to be "easy" to do business with.

It is my sincere desire to serve our clients by guiding them through energy deregulation. Through hard work, our commitment to excellence and perseverance, we will make your Energy Procurement easy.

Seven's staff of energy consultants are here to help you get the most benefit of Kentucky natural gas deregulation!

You keep your eye on your business... we'll keep our eye on your Energy with our proven process of Energy Procurement!

We have a highly qualified Energy Consultant ready to take your call at 281-213-9910.

** Professional References Available Upon Request**

State Deregulation

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